So…here we are, again

So…here we are, again

With The Times winding down, it appears this will be where my own writing lives for the time being as a slide back into the political waters in 2019.

The good news and the bad news is this: I get to write about anything I feel like now, whether it is local, tech, sports or otherwise. As many of my long-time readers know, I have strong opinions and tend to express them. I suspect muting those opinions during my previous time in politics was actually a hindrance, rather than a help. Don’t expect much of a filter here, folks — these are times that require some truth telling, no matter how unpleasant it might be,

With my journalistic obligations set aside — undoubtedly I’ll get attacked for some of the things I wrote over the years — I no longer have to keep myself on the sidelines as I see things going horribly wrong in our nation and our local communities. I’ll admit to having partisan leanings (OK, more than leanings) but always remain fully aware that both parties can be full of crap at times and there is no monopoly on good ideas or good intentions.

Whether we agree or not, if you truly are working to make things better, we’ll have a lot of common ground. But, if you are cynically using fear, anger and whatever the issue of the day is to drive the partisan divide just to get or maintain power or money, we’re going to have a problem — and I won’t hesitate to make that clear.

I’m going to tell unpleasant truths — and of that means people are upset, so be it. Much is wrong and much needs to be discussed. It will not, and cannot be, an easy conversation. But we must have it.


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